Welcome to Sienna Gallery

Welcome to Sienna Gallery

Located in the rapidly growing town of Rockland, Sienna Gallery  comes as a much-needed service and a location for artists in the Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec area to showcase their art.

Sienna Gallery is a new gallery, but backed by 29 years of experience. Karen Charlebois, owner and operator of Sienna Gallery previously worked for Artex Picture Frames Ltd. for over 10 years. As Artex owners closed their doors and retired, Karen decided to start her own custom framing business and combine it with an art gallery.

"I love surrounding myself with beautiful things. Art is one of my passions. Framing is just the finishing touch to a beautiful piece of art or a diploma one has studied for years to obtain or even a needlework project one has worked countless hours to finish.

I frame every piece as if it was my own and would be proud to show it off in my home. I give the utmost care to every framing project that is brought to me. I want each customer that enters Sienna Gallery to feel right at home and be reassured that their framing choice was the right one for their piece of art and their particular need."

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"Art is one of my passions. Find out what you are passionate about in life and make a career of it"

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Sienna Gallery is moving. Estimated time of arrival to be

Mid July.

Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to the moving date. Until then business as usual at Sienna Gallery.